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Breakfast of Champions

2010 — Breakfast of Champions is a series of drawings and paintings that are a quasi homage to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Vonnegut's books were a big influence on my development as an artist. I imagined my work functioning similarly to his writing, that is politically and socially poignant with a dark sense of humor. The specific inspiration comes from a quote in his novel Breakfast of Champions, which goes something like this: “All stories about human endeavor should end with etc…” In Vonneguts opinion people don’t learn from their mistakes and continue to repeat their successes and failures forever. The drawings and paintings depict a varied cross-section of human endeaver, but share one aspect in common. They all have "etc" embedded within the picture.



Joseph Peragine and Nature Porn, by Cathy Fox,, April 6, 2010

Connect the dots at Contemporary’s ‘More Mergers & Acquisitions,’ Atlanta Arts and Culture AJC, December 19, 2009


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