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Breathing Tank, 2005 (various views)
Breathing Tank, 2005 (inflated)
Breathing Tank, 2005 (deflated)
Breathing Tank, 2005
Breathing Tank, 2006
Breathing Tank

2005 — Breathing Tank is an extention of the Hell On Wheels body of work. The inflatable sculpture is the actual size of a WWII Sherman Tank and is set on timer to "inhale" and "exhale" at regular intervals, giving the appearance of a large animal breathing. Originally fabricated to be exhibited at Atlanta's Mid-town Music Festival in 2005, Breathing Tank has been traveled widely and been exhibited in numerous venues, including the Cheekwood Museum of Art, Nashville TN 2006, Eyedrum, Atlanta GA 2007, Scope/Miami, Miami FL 2008, Islip Art Museum, West Islip LI NY 2009 and Hambidge Art Center, Rabun GA 2010.



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