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Field Museum: Rhino Case 2014
AMNH: Polar Bear 2010-14
AMNH: Moose, 2015
AMNH: Grand Canyon, 2015
AMNH: American Cougar, 2014
AMNH: River Otters, 2015
AMNH: Jack Rabbit, 2015
AMNH: Martin, 2015
AMNH: Virginia Deer, 2015
AMNH: Beavers, 2015
AMNH: Cacomistle, 2015
AMNH: Alaskan Brown Bears, 2015
AMNH: Dahl Sheep, 2015
American Brown Bear, 2015
AMNH: Montana
AMNH: Muskox, 2015
Lo Specola: Rabbit Case, 2015
Lo Sepcola: Birds, 2015
Solid Rigid and Remote, 2014
Taxonomy: North American Mammals, 20
Taxonomy: Poisonous Snakes
Lo Sepcola: Polar Bear
Musk Ox, 2010
Kudu, 2010
Monkey, 2015
Rabbit, 2015
Black Squirrel, 2015
Without Malady of History, 2014
Not Sleepless by Thought, 2014
Kingdom Under Glass

Ongoing— Inspired by an interest in natural history dioramas, Kingdom Under Glass is a body of work that explores the perverse connection between exploration and exploitation that we teeter between when encountering the natural world.


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