Morgue, 2016
Fawn, 2016
Fawn under glass, 2016
Porcelain Cock, 2016
Porcelain Elephant, 2016
Joey, 2016
Porcelain Fawn, 2016
Camouflage, 2016
Yellow Dandelions, 2015
Alaskan Diorama (Two Rabbits), 2015
Red Dome, 2015
Sitting Ducks, 2015
Duckling Receding into White, 2015
Blue Dome, 2015
White Dome, 2015
Yellow Dome with Duck, 2015
Rabbit and Rabbit, 2015
After..., 2015
Squirrel Coat, 2015
After Squirrel Coat, 2015
Rabbit with Stars Diorama, 2015
Kitten, 2015
Love Me Til' My Heart Stops

Ongoing— Building on an interest in natural history dioramas that was explored in the Kingdom Under Glass series, Love Me Til' My Heart Stops takes the process a step further by deconstructing the diorama and using it as source material for sculptural works and paintings.



Installation Views of Love Me Til' My Heart Stops at Marcia Wood Gallery Midtown, Atlanta GA