Forever And Ever

2007— Forever and Ever consists of four large-scale paintings (7’ x 12’, acrylic on linen). An accompanying video moves dream-like between a single figure steadily walking a line at the edge of a road and the animated scenes that are re-interpreted in the paintings. The sequence of the works suggests the passage of time from sunset to midnight and depicts electrical power towers, geese in flight, a desolate stretch of road and a star emblazoned night sky. Objects in the scenes coalesce to spell out these words Forever, And Ever, And Ever, And Ever. Ambiguity is an active component here as the work can alternately be read as sentimental or cynical.

Forever and Ever was a site-specific commissioned work of art for the lobby of One Glenlake Parkway, a Class A office tower in Sandy Springs, GA. The client was Wells Capital Holding Company, the building owner. The piece consists of four large-scale paintings (7’ x 12’, acrylic on linen,) as well as an architectural component that floats within the space, incorporating viewer seating and audiovisual equipment. The component was designed by Architect, Steve Hart (Idea-Span, Atlanta GA) and Fabricated by Wellborn-Henson Modern Furniture (Atlanta, GA).

Given the context of the space, the work is meant to go beyond the decorative and speak directly to the corporate workers that pass through the lobby on a daily basis. It can be seen as a call to action asking "are you on the path you want to be on forever and ever?

Reviews: A lasting look at "forever", Catherine Fox, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sunday Oct 28, 2007




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